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Video: Lining BFM fitting Blanking Sock

Video: Lining BFM fitting Blanking Sock

BFM fittings, as you may already know, are a very versatile flexible connector. One way they’re often used is as an overs container. Overs containers are sometimes known as a blanking socks within the processing industry. By installing a BFM fitting cap or blanking sock, you’re able to effectively collect and contain overs material as they’re rejected from the sifter itself.

BFM fitting sleeves are simply snapped in, just like any other installation. The difference is the sleeve is capped at the bottom with additional polyurethane to complete the seal. You can see an example of this in the photo below.

bfm fitting overs container

Here are a few reasons standard collection methods have been replaced with BFM fitting overs containers:

  • Easy removal and installation with the standard snap-in and snap-out design
  • Transparent for monitoring fill level and reject consistency
  • Can also be lined with plastic bags for easy disposal of reject product

In the brief video below, you can see a quick video that demonstrates how to properly line an overs container with a plastic bag, as mentioned above.

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