Our Products

BFM® Fittings

Flexible connector systems eliminate problems with traditional hose clamp systems in bulk powder processing

Blowers & Air Handling

Appropriately sized packages for optimum efficiency and performance


Move a wide variety of dry bulk material efficiently and safely and offer several different styles of motion

Receivers & Filters

Provides powder and air filtration with low energy consumption, long filter life, and high efficiency

Rotary Valves

Rotor, bearing, and shaft seal designs are selected to best suit application requirements and component integration


Systems that suit the most demanding quality assurance itineraries in food and dairy plants


Powder sifting can be described as separating, sieving, classifying, scalping, de-lumping, and screening

Storage Silos & Hoppers

Storage Silos and Hoppers for the food, dairy, and nutritional industries

Unloading Equipment

Bulk Bag Unloaders & Bag Dump Stations for food and USDA dairy applications


High efficiency Check, Diverter and Butterfly Valves for your dry bulk powder processing applications

MAGNATTACK™ Magnet Separators

Remove dangerous metal contaminants from powders in the food, dairy, and nutritional processing industries

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