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Ingredient Weigh Batching

Ingredient Weigh Batching

If your production process requires the accurate weighing of bulk materials and multiple ingredients, you may require an automated weigh batching system. An automated weigh batching system will cost effectively improve product quality as well as the efficiency, accuracy, and sanitation of your bulk handling process.

Whether your process involves single or multiple ingredients, Powder Process-Solutions offers a wide variety of weigh batching systems and components that can be customized and implemented to meet your production requirements including number and location of ingredients to be weighed, along with your optimal weigh batching system type and operational requirements.

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System Types & Options:
  • Gain-in-weight systems
  • Loss-in-weight systems
  • High rate bulk fill and low rate trickle filling systems
  • Multiple ingredient dosing systems—including minor and micro ingredients
  • Gravimetric & volumetric feeding
Features and Benefits:
  • Recipe management and reports
  • Loss-in-weight systems
  • High accuracy load cells and scale controllers
  • Flexible for variable recipes
  • Sanitary & dust free
  • Continuous weighing
  • Improves product quality
  • Accurate and consistent mixtures
Ingredient Weigh Batching

Powder Process-Solutions will effectively design and engineer a weigh batching system specifically to not only meet your process needs and expectations, but also to improve product quality with accurate and consistent mixes. We have many weigh batching options and designs that can easily be implemented into your existing system or as part of a new system to optimize your process

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