We distribute unique products designed to solve persistent problems in bulk powder handling.

A BFM fitting for bulk powder processingA pleated filter for bulk powder processing

THINK DIFFERENTLY with us in 2018. Powder handling is more than just putting equipment together. Learn more by clicking below.

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Powder Process Solutions – Systems, Components, Solutions

Powder-Solutions Group is the leading provider of powder process solutions, products and services for companies involved in the food, dairy, nutrition, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our products like the BFM fitting and MAGNATTACK™ magnetic separators are designed to help improve the safety and efficiency of your plant. We also offer custom equipment for bulk powder handling and processing, such as pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, weighing, batching, blending, consumer packaging and 25kg and bulk bag unloading systems.

The Powder-Solutions Group also provides expert consulting and design services to help you create, update or improve your bulk powder handling and processing facility. We work with your team from design through installation to help you improve every aspect of your facility (or build one from scratch). We utilize over 40 years of experience to offer customized and unique solutions for even the most difficult bulk powder processing challenges.

Please explore our website to learn more about our powder process solutions, components, equipment and design services or contact us today to discuss your unique needs.