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Receivers & Filters

Receivers & Filters

Properly designed and executed air filtration is extremely important to any successfully engineered food or dairy bulk powder handling system. Plant sanitation, safety, and efficiency require design knowledge and expertise to guarantee the best filtration solution. Proper filtration contributes to the continued success of a system while reducing maintenance, costs, and equipment downtime.

Filter and receiver equipment

PPS specializes in providing powder and air filtration with low energy consumption, long filter life, and high efficiency while allowing the maximum material and air separation capabilities. Applications are analyzed and designed to meet NFPA requirements. Equipment construction is available from basic painted carbon steel for non-dairy applications to stainless steel construction for high sanitary dairy applications, conforming to hygienic sanitation standards when required.

Our receiver and filtration product line includes:

Customization options are offered within each component and powder filtration system to fit your plant requirements.

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