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Rotary Valves

Powder Process-Solutions has been supplying rotary valves to the food & dairy industry since 1981. We specialize in supplying hygienic rotary valves from the world’s top manufacturers, sized and designed to meet your specific application parameters.

When recommending the right rotary valve for our customers’ systems, we take many factors into consideration including:

  • System performance and cleaning requirements
  • Type of product being processed
  • Industry regulatory and compliance requirements
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Why PPS?

Our sales engineers and technicians have real world, firsthand experience setting up and servicing rotary valves to run in a variety of applications.  We know how to configure rotary airlocks to run in even the harshest conditions with the toughest materials to convey.

When purchasing a Rotary Valve from PPS, you can expect:

  • Rotary Valve selection to fit your system, rates, and levels of sanitation
  • On-site services including installation supervision, operator and maintenance training
  • All the parts needed for installation including custom adapters, support stands, and other accessories plus PPS inventory of all common maintenance parts for any model rotary valve that we sell
  • All valves receive our 49 point quality control inspection

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