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The Hidden Benefits of Installing a BFM® fitting System

The Hidden Benefits of Installing a BFM® fitting System

Investing in quality equipment is always a good idea, but when you are talking about your process line components, it can be easy to look at something like a flexible connector and think of it as a disposable commodity, so cheap is fine.

But it’s important to understand and evaluate the true, long-term cost to your business of choosing a low-quality product rather than investing up-front in a high-quality solution for your processing line.

So why do these companies specifically invest in welding BFM® spigots to their equipment, rather than just opting for a clamp and sleeve option they can just slap onto their pipes anywhere?

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The BFM® fitting is a quality solution

Seeflex 040E connectors fitting into spigotsThe BFM® fitting system was initially designed to solve some of the problems that had been plaguing bulk powder handling plants for years – mainly dust leakage at machinery transitions due to poor-fitting hose clamps.

The BFM® fitting system is different from a traditional flexible connector in that it fits on the inside of the pipe, rather than being clamped to the outside. To achieve a 100% seal, it is ‘snap-fitted’ into specially shaped grooves in a stainless steel adaptor, or spigot, that is welded to the inlet and outlet pipes.

The outward pressure of the metal ‘snap’ bands holds the connector securely in place and the connector is simply snapped in and out manually in seconds. No tools needed, no difficult screws or clamps, it’s always fitted in the correct place and is the correct length.

Long-Term Efficiency Gains

Since its introduction, the BFM® fitting system has transformed plant environments and improved the efficiency of thousands of factories around the world. It’s now trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and is specified as their preferred connector option.

They see the long-term productivity benefits to their entire production operation which will ultimately save them thousands, as well as happier staff, for years to come!


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