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Central Vacuum Cleaning

Central Vacuum Cleaning

Central vacuum cleaning systems are an economical and convenient solution, designed to improve sanitation in food, dairy and pharmaceutical processing facilities by eliminating the inconvenience of portable vacuum cleaners. Each system includes a centralized waste receiving hopper & vacuum pump. The vacuum system is connected to a reticulated pipe network throughout the required areas with inlet isolation flap valves positioned in convenient locations.

Our vacuum systems are designed for multiple simultaneous users and maximum cleaning efficiency of your facility. A variety of hoses and nozzle fittings are available to facilitate effective cleaning of floors, halls, crevices, pipes, ductwork and machinery. Low maintenance and our easy to use designs allow for pipework that doesn’t plug.

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  • Sanitary 304 stainless steel construction
  • High capacity vacuum pump
  • High efficiency filtrations systems with compressed air jet pulse cleaning
  • 2nd stage backup filter
  • Anti-static hoses
  • Aluminum inlet hose connection valves
Central Vacuum Cleaning
  • Eliminates the need for shop-vacs not suited for daily use
  • Eliminates pushing powder with brooms or compressed air
  • Eliminates hauling collected waste to remote waste receptacles
  • Minimizes clean up time, while maximizing clean up efficiency of your cleaning crew
Available Options
  • Wide variety of hose and nozzle fittings (including extensions, curved, corner, crevice, etc.)
  • Explosion and flameproof designs
  • Waste collection options include drums, bags or bins
  • Continuous or intermittent dumping of collected waste
  • Waste compaction systems
  • Mobile collection systems

At Powder Process-Solutions, we will observe and analyze your vacuum and clean up needs to design and offer the right central vacuum system to get the job done efficiently. With accurate pump and pipe sizing, along with system routing and waste collection, facility cleanup is convenient and economical.

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