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BFM fittings Are Going BLUE

BFM fitting Going Blue

BFM fittings Are Going BLUE

BFM fittings are BLUE, and no, they’re not sad! Over the coming months, you’ll see that your BFM fitting orders will start to include blue banded connectors, as seen in the image below. So with this new look, you might have some questions, so we want to address potential questions ahead of this new design launch.


Blue_bfm_2Q: Why is the snap band blue in color now?

A: The blue color more closely aligns with the BFM fitting branding, so it’s purely designed for brand recognition and to ensure you know you’re installing an authentic BFM fitting flexible connector.

Q: Which BFM materials does this apply to?

A: Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 020E, Seeflex 040AS, Seeflex 060ES, Flexi, Flexi-Light, Flexi-Earthed, Blanking Caps & Bins, LM3, LM4, Teflex & FM1 Breather

Q: What is stamped on the front?

A: The blue circle seen stamped on the front simply shows the BFM fitting logo, it is not an indicator of the sleeve type.

Q: When will I see one in my order?

A: BFM fittings with the new blue band are starting to ship to distributors in April. More than likely you’ll see one over the next few months; it depends on the popularity of your required BFM fitting sleeve and your frequency of ordering.

The product update document can be seen here  if you need to pass along this information to maintenance.

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