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Inline Magnets for Bulk Solids Conveying

Inline Magnets for Bulk Solids Conveying

Powder Transfer Magnet

The MAGNATTACK™ powder transfer magnet (PTM) has been custom designed in answer to customers’ needs for a sanitary model that suits sensitive dairy powder pneumatic transfer lines and meets USDA sanitary standards. The PTM incorporates key design features of the Spherical Pneumatic Transfer Magnet, providing highly efficient separation of metal fragment contamination from sensitive dairy and pharmaceutical powders without experiencing bulk density or blockage problems.


The PTM features high-intensity RE80™ >11,000 gauss magnet elements configured to remove weak magnetic contamination and work hardened stainless steel fragments and stone, thus increasing food safety control and product purity.

Design Features
  • Effective fragment control in high-velocity transfer lines
  • Aerodynamic Acutex™️ probe designed to minimize bulk density breakdown and blockage
  • Models available in 3”-6” pipelines
  • All models are USDA Dairy Accepted
powder transfer magnet
MAGNATTACK Hotizontal Pipeline Separator

ACUTEX™ Probe Magnet

Round Pipeline Separator

The round pipeline separator is an inline pneumatic convey line magnet designed for horizontal, vertical, or sloping installations. It efficiently captures ferrous material from dilute phase pressure and vacuum product streams.

Housing of the round pipeline separator bulges around the magnet rod to create a consistent cross-section area to maintain product velocity. Available Acutex™️ magnet rod prevents product degradation. Aerodynamic design provides improved separation efficiency with high strength 11,000+ gauss magnets.

A tri-clamp magnet flange with handle makes the magnets easy to remove and clean at any location in your powder processing plant.

Design Features
  • Single or double entry magnet options
  • Housing bulges around magnet rods for consistent cross-section areas
  • Pipelines 1”-6” available
  • Suitable for abrasive, granulated products such as sugar, lactose  and salt
  • USDA Dairy Accepted models available
MAGNATTACK Round Pipeline Separator
MAGNATTACK Round Pipeline Separator

Horizontal Pipeline Separator

The MAGNATTACK Horizontal Pipeline Separator (HPL) is designed specifically for horizontal lines.  The flat bottom prevents pooling of liquids and CIP fluid.  It features a high-intensity RE80 magnet element configured to remove weak magnetic contamination from powder and liquid processing lines. This helps to improve the purity of your product and protect your brand against foreign contamination complaints.  Available Acutex™️ magnet rod prevents product degradation.

Design Features
  • Eccentric housing prevents collection of product, CIP liquids and dead material
  • Extra high gauss on base provides maximum collection of fragments in common area during horizontal/sloping applications
  • USDA Dairy Accepted models available

Spherical Pipeline Magnet

Spherical pipeline magnets consist of an incredibly high strength magnetic element with flux strengths ranging from 11,000 gauss to over 12,000 gauss in some models. Magnets offers efficient extraction of tramp iron – large, small, fine & rust as well as work-hardened stainless steel fragments using RE80™ technology.

In addition, the magnetic element is configured to offer excellent retainability of metal fragments so that they are not pushed back into the product stream by the force of product traveling at a high velocity through the pipeline or transfer line.

This spherical pipeline magnet is aerodynamically designed to also allow for use in gravity out feed situations and on food products containing particulates up to 15mm with low resistance to flow. Magnets can be installed for collection without blockage, while providing a low cost of installation to existing lines.

Design Features
  • Aerodynamic design prevents blockage of product and minimizes product particle breakdown
  • Optimum product stream coverage enables highly efficient separation of weak to highly charged magnetic fragments
  • 11-12,000 gauss strength spherical magnet element
  • Ideal for starch, powders, flours and ingredients

The MAGNATTACK range of spherical pipeline magnets have been carefully configured and designed using only the highest grades of material for use in sensitive food applications.

Spherical Magnet Benefits
MAGNATTACK spherical pipeline magnet

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