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PSI – Authorized Distributor for the BFM fitting

PS Authorized Distributor of BFM fitting

PSI – Authorized Distributor for the BFM fitting

At PSI, we’ve always been proud to be a distributor of the BFM fitting. For almost 15 years, we’ve been a premium distributor offering a large inventory of BFM fitting sleeves & spigots & devoted staff for successful customer installations of the industry changing flexible connector systems.

Officially, we can say that we are an ‘Authorized Distributor’. But what does that mean for our customers?

PSI Authorized Distributor of BFM fitting

As an Authorized Distributor, we have an advantage over non-authorized sellers out in the market. Our staff at PSI have:


  • Access to the latest innovative developments & information
  • The power of being part of the global distributor network; we can share application experiences & successes
  • Preferential product availability; first access to corporate production & stock
  • The ability to offer the best pricing & best delivery
  • Full factory training

Authorized Distributors are carefully selected by BFM fitting Corporate to ensure that we understand the ins and outs of the bulk solids and powder processing industries. We know the challenges you face in your factory and how BFM® fittings can be implemented to improve the safety, hygiene and efficiency of your operation.

The new logo and “title”, if you will, changes nothing in our offerings. This simply allows customers to ensure that they’re getting authentic products from a knowledgeable, trusted source. As an Authorized BFM® fitting Distributors, we have on-the-ground solutions team members who can meet with you to work through your requirements, and we’ll give you the best price and fastest delivery available in the market.

Please reach out if you have any questions or immediate needs for BFM fitting quotes. We’re always here as your trusted BFM fitting Authorized Distributor.



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