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BFM® Fitting Sleeves

BFM® Fitting Sleeves


BFM® fitting sleeves are manufactured in many different types of materials to serve varying industries. There are options for different temperatures and applications to best suit your processing requirements. Below you’ll see the sleeve materials available. Click on them to read more.

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Sizes Available
  • Diameters –Starting at 4”, 5″ and 6″, and then in 2″ (50 mm) increments up to 65” (1650 mm).
  • Lengths –Starting at 3” (80 mm) and 4″ (100 mm), and then in 2” (50 mm) increments up to 19’8” (6000 mm).

Note:For diameters 700 mm (27.5″) and upward, certain length restrictions apply.

Stocked Sizes
  • PSI is heavily stocked from 4”-26” diameter collars & 4”-16” diameter sleeves.
  • PSI is heavily stocked in sleeve lengths up to 16” long.

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BFM® Fitting Connectors and Spigots

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