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Help, my BFM® fitting Won’t Snap In!

snap in BFM fitting

Help, my BFM® fitting Won’t Snap In!

One question when it comes to a BFM® fitting relates to the installation of the sleeve. Sometimes when someone goes to snap in the sleeve into the spigots, the sleeve has a gap and won’t snap in properly. What should you do? Don’t worry!

This is not necessarily a sign of an improperly fitting sleeve or a malfunctioning sleeve. It simply could be that the sleeve needs some assistance snapping into placesnapping in bfm fitting.



To properly guide the sleeve into the band:

  • Pop the sleeve in with your thumbs together as you typically would
  • Travel around the sleeve every few inches popping the sleeve in
  • Continue moving around the sleeve until it snaps properly into place fully

This easy method is especially helpful for extremely large or very small sleeves. Although this is an ideal solution for large and small diameters, the method applies to really any size where required. Watch the quick video below and share it with your team to facilitate the proper installation of your BFM® fitting. Click below to see these tips in action.

snap fit a bfm fitting video

BFM® fittings work in many applications and for many industries. We want to make sure we’re always a resource for the proper use of your BFM® fittings so we can continue to be the leading distributor in the US, so please contact us for questions or quotes!