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BFM fittings on Oscillating Equipment

bfm fitting on sifter

BFM fittings on Oscillating Equipment

An oscillating motion can be best described as a repeated motion in which an object repeats the same movement over and over again. In food processing, we often see oscillating movements when integrating sifters or horizontal motion conveyors into processing systems.


Oscillating equipment and the movement they create while processing powders can make it difficult to keep a plastic hose connected.  The repetitive motion can cause sleeves held in by hose clamps to break lose, leak, and cause a hazard for workers. BFM fittings have solved this problem for many when it comes to longevity of a sleeve & containment of product. As you can see here, BFM fittings have been utilized in many moving applications.

Another consideration when it comes to replacing sleeves/hose clamps with BFM fitting flexible connector systems is the product build-up at connection points. Where the hose clamps holds down standard flexible connectors, product can collect. Cross-contamination and mold can be major concerns when this happens. BFM fittings are seamless, snap-in installations where no product can collect. The best examples of this can be seen here in this short video.

without bfm fitting

Although BFM fittings are assumed to work on static equipment, non-static installations can be extremely successful, too. Let us know if you’d like to discuss a potential location in your facility and one of our experts can work with you.