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What’s the Difference Between RAPIDCLEAN & MAG-RAM Grate Magnets?

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What’s the Difference Between RAPIDCLEAN & MAG-RAM Grate Magnets?

Grate magnets are an essential part of any powder processing system because they ensure production lines are free of small, ferrous and large materials that could compromise product safety, quality or sanitation.

MAGNATTACK™ is a leading manufacturer of quality magnetic grates, including the RAPIDCLEAN™ and MAG-RAM™. But how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Below we break down the differences and benefits of each.

How do these grate magnets differ?

The major difference between the two magnetic grates is how the magnets are cleaned:

The RAPIDCLEAN™ is considered an easy-clean magnet. It’s safer than traditional magnets because it’s never physically removed from the processing area—only from the housing area—for cleaning and maintenance.

As for the MAG-RAM™, this is a self-cleaning grate magnet that requires no human interaction. Pivoting a magnet into the atmosphere and out of the process stream runs the risk of contamination. The MAG-RAM offers a closed environment that is automated to clean the rods at specified intervals without stopping the conveying process or risking contamination.

Which Grate Magnet Is Best For Me?

Both grate magnets offer a sanitary, crevice-free, clean design that prevents microorganism growth. In addition, both can be used to replace a grate that has a gauss measurement of lower than 10,000.

The MAG-RAM™ grate magnet is recommended when:

  • Companies have rigorous magnet check schedules
  • Companies cannot afford to have downtime in their processing line for gathering samples or cleaning
  • The grate magnet must be located in an area that’s difficult to service
  • Samples need to be taken at specific times (The automated cleaning ensures the sample is taken exactly when it’s supposed to be, without operator mistakes.)

The RAPIDCLEAN™ grate magnet is recommended when processing plants:

  • Are replacing a grate magnet assembly that needs to be removed for simple cleaning
  • Are looking for a more economical, high strength, sanitary grate magnet
  • Need a safer solution to avoid OSHA risks associated with lifting heavy magnet drawers (RAPIDCLEAN™ grates are retained but slide out of the housing to be cleaned outside the product area – no lifting or difficult manual handling tasks needed!)
  • Wanting a manual clean solution that is easy to clean and the findings can be easily quantified and documented

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