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BFM fitting Tool Release – Options & Tips

bfm fitting tool release options & tips

BFM fitting Tool Release – Options & Tips

As the BFM fitting tool release option has gained in popularity, now is a good time to revisit how the tool release systems can work, options, and tips and tricks for a successful installation. As a refresher, a Tool Release systems includes a standard spigot with a 6mm (.6cm) hole is drilled into it. Tool release connectors cannot be removed by hand as they have a much firmer snap band. Instead, they require a tool for proper removal, which is inserted into the 6mm hole in the spigot, releasing the band and greatly reducing the risk of injury.

Tool Release Under Butterfly Valve

Difficult to Remove, Increase in Safety

One thing that we like to remind our customers of is truly the difficult of removing these sleeves. Their design makes them inherently difficult to remove, so that should be taken into consideration when deciding where to install them. Ideally, these should be installed at eye level so you can have the best leverage. If it’s installed too high or too low it may be even more difficult to remove.


Tool Release for Small Sleeves

Another option that might not be common knowledge is the ability to drill tool release holes in smaller spigots. The reason for this? As sleeves get smaller, they can be more difficult to remove. Some customers prefer to drill the hole into the standard spigot and continue to use a standard, non-tool release sleeve. The extra leverage can make it easier to remove the smaller snap bands.


Smiley Tool

As an additional level of security, some customers may require a smiley tool release sleeve. This involves a relatively new tool release design where instead of a hole being drilled, a semi-circle “smile” shape is stamped into the spigot. A semi-circle “smile” tool is also required for removal creating an additional layer of safety when it comes to removal of your flexible connectors.


To allow us to best serve you, please let us know when you’re ordering if either the standard or smiley-face tool release installation would be appropriate for your facility.

If you have any further questions about a tool release sleeve or require a quote, please fill out the form below and we’ll connect with you in less than 24 hours.



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