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Retrofitting for BFM fittings

Retrofitting for BFM fittings

Retrofitting for BFM fittings

There are two situations where BFM fittings are installed into processing facilities; they can be designed into new facilities or installations or retrofitted into existing processing systems. Designing them into new facilities can be pretty seamless, as when it comes to BFM fittings, most system designers are familiar with BFM fittings, their spigots and their installation specifications. But when it comes to retrofitting, we know our customers have more questions.

Based on facility requirements and installation desires, let’s look at two way, both non-welded and custom welded options that might suit your facility.

Non-Welded Options with BFM fittings

BFM fitting spigots can be easily added to various types of flanges to allow for minimum disturbance and welding to your processing equipment. The three main options are ANSI flanges, ferrules, and Jacob’s tubing.

In these instances, BFM spigots can be welded to the ferrules to successfully avoid welding directly to piping and equipment. This allows for not only a quicker changeover but also less downtime required for installation.

Custom retrofitting BFM fittings

More complicated BFM fitting installations come when custom retrofitting is involved. PSI has a large staff of engineers to make this an easy process. Whether consulted over the phone for measuring or if we come in-person to your facility, we have experts that will help you figure out what the appropriate remedy is for your flexible connector.

In many instances, we see customers inquiring about how to fit a round sleeve and spigot with a square opening. In that instance, we help design square flanges to go from square to round with a smooth transition.

Retrofitting BFM fittings Inlet Horizontal Motion Conveyor SS Ring Slipstick

When we suggest against certain (typically) unsuccessful installations, we’re happy to help figure out what custom tubing or piping can be added to get the proper BFM fitting sleeve to fit. Sleeves that are too long, are at too much of an angle, or when they will be processing abrasive products, these issues can be remedied with proper retrofitting. For example, with abrasive products we’re able to install flow correction plates inside of the BFM spigot to guide product away from the sleeve.

When to Call

When the situation arises where you need assistance, feel free to call or email us right away. Depending on your requirements and number of sleeves involved, we may be able to make a site visit to assist with measuring and strategizing.

If you’re in need of assistance, please fill out the form below or call us at 877-236-3539 to discuss all of your custom retrofitting options.


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