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BFM fittings on Hoppers

BFM fittings on Hoppers

BFM fittings on Hoppers

To continue on our monthly blogging for “BFM’s on”, this month we’re focusing on when and where BFM fittings are installed on hoppers for the food, dairy, and chemical industries. Hoppers are so common in the powder processing industry, so it’s important to consider where and how BFM fittings can be used to optimize them.

Installation Locations

BFM fittings are easily and often installed at the inlets and outlets of hoppers, just as with many other components like vibratory conveyors, weigh scales and bin activators.  There are many unique ways, however, that BFM fittings have been used on traditional hoppers.

For various reasons, whether it be for viewing access or for quick access for cleaning, large hoppers may be designed to not be one solid unit, but rather split to allow for access in the interior. Since BFM fittings are available in very large diameters, you can see in the installation photo how a large diameter BFM fitting provides the required access quickly and easily.

BFM fittings on Hopper Large Diameter

Below, we discuss different BFM fitting materials and where they’re optimally utilized.


Seeflex 040E


Both the most common and the most versatile of sleeves, Seeflex 040E are often the preferred choice of BFM fittings utilized on hopper applications. Seeflex connectors and most commonly seen on the inlets, outlets, or as discussed above, right in the middle of hoppers. The flexibility for both large and small diameters and lengths with this material makes it an optimal solution for many installations.


Seeflex 060ES

Seeflex 060ES consists of a polyester scrim internally bonded between an internal layer of Seeflex 040E (see above) and an external layer of 020E. The internally bonded scrim restricts the Seeflex 040E sleeve from stretching and provides superior pressure resistance. Since the Seeflex 060ES can handle up to  1.3 bar of operating pressure, they are often installed at the bottom of very large hoppers for additional rigidity and strength.


FM1 Breather


In situations that require breathable materials, such as in the case of venting hopper or other contained vessels, FM1 Breather bags may be the appropriate sleeve for the application. FM1 Breathers are 100% polyester needle felt breather bag designed for these specific types of applications.


If any of these applications sounds like they could benefit your facility, please fill out the form below and we will get in contact with you within one (1) business day.


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