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BFM fittings on Powder Cyclones

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BFM fittings on Powder Cyclones

Did you know BFM fittings can be used on powder cyclones? Cyclones are commonly utilized in the powder handling industry for food, dairy, and infant formula separation. Cyclones connect to process equipment to either collect waste powder or reclaim and process powders. Flexible connectors are often used to connect the cyclone to the downstream process, which is an opportune application to install BFM fittings.

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BFM fitting’s are often installed at the outlet of the cyclone, whether the outlet leads to a collection bin or passes through a rotary valve. Customers choose to replace their standard flexible connectors with BFM fitting’s as they provide the flexibility and cleanability that is always desired with powder handling equipment.

In dairy applications specifically, you may see cyclones running under vacuum pressure in some situations. When this situation arises, we recommend BFM fittings with rings. This prevents the walls of the BFM fittings from collapsing in, obstructing the flow of powder. If your cyclone is not running under vacuum pressure, a standard Seeflex 040E sleeve is typically recommended.

If you believe your powder cyclone could benefit from a BFM fitting system installation, but have questions about the appropriate size or material, please fill out the form below and we are happy to assist you with your application questions. Also, feel free to call us at 877-236-3539 or for assistance.



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