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Powder-Solutions, Inc. BFM fitting 2022 Recap


Powder-Solutions, Inc. BFM fitting 2022 Recap

As with the last few years, 2022 has been a great and interesting year for Powder-Solutions, Inc. BFM fittings have proven to still be a requirement for many processing installations, and a welcome addition to many more processing facilities. Between trade shows and new product introductions, we’ve been busy sharing information with our customers to help inform them of their BFM fitting options.

New BFM fitting Materials

BFM fitting released many new sleeves this year to facilitate various application requirements. There are completely new applications (see Quick Access Port and Corner Connector below) and updates to existing sleeves (see Bulk Bag Loader and Teflex NP below). All of these new offerings were designed to facilitate easier testing, better drainage, bulk bag unloading chemical resistant processing.

Quick Access Port BFM fitting

Corner Connector BFM fitting (for CIP drainage)

Bulk Bag Loader (new sizes available)

Teflex NP (now available with support rings)

New BFM fittings 2022


Trade Shows

With trade shows somewhat back to normal, we were excited to get out there and see our customers in-person again!

In September, we traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate all things baking at the IBIE International Bakery Industry Exposition. A few of the Powder-Solutions, Inc. staff were able to travel to the very large trade show to showcase new and existing BFM fitting flexible connectors. As the materials and applications in which BFM fittings continue to change, we always love to take them directly to our customers so they can see and feel exactly how BFM fittings would benefit them.

PSI BFM fittings at IBIE 2022 1


Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for a great year! We’re looking forward to 2023 with new products, new customers, and new applications for us to assist with.

Please fill out the form below if we can help you and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Let us know if there is any way we can help keep your processing facility running at 100%!



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