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Sanitary Equipment at Petfood Forum 2018

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Sanitary Equipment at Petfood Forum 2018

Powder-Solutions, Inc. (PSI) will be showcasing their best-selling sanitary equipment at the upcoming Petfood Forum; the BFM® fitting and the MAGNATTACK™ line of magnetic separators. Running April 23rd-25th, the Petfood Forum will be highlighting pet food innovations at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri.

This unique event solely serves the global pet food manufacturing industry to provide innovation, research, and networking opportunities. Professionals can expect to attend the wide variety of workshops available and hit up the show floor after to see some innovations in action.

Petfood Workshops

Plan to attend the Petfood Innovation Workshop on April 23rd, 2018. This year’s theme features the, “New Product Development Journey”. From concept development to product launch, the agenda provides a focus in each stage of the journey to product innovation.

A wide variety of speakers, general sessions, and presentations are taking place over this three-day event that also promises to inspire and educate about the ever evolving pet food industry.

Additionally, if you’re a first time attendee, be sure to check out the Petfood Forum 101 event to see how you can get the most out of your Petfood Forum experience.

Petfood Forum – Exhibit

Attendance at the Petfood Forum provides a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with thousands of industry professionals. By engaging with many of the over 250 exhibitors, you’ll get a chance to see new products and innovations that help the pet food industry enhance and advance the quality, quantity, and sanitation surrounding processing.

The floor plan will show the variety of exhibitors, along with the product presentation showcase area for attendees. While you’re setting your show schedule, be sure to add in stopping by booth #133 where you’ll see Powder-Solutions, Inc. PSI will be showcasing a few items that directly enhance the sanitation for pet food processing facilities.

The BFM® fitting has been enhancing the sanitation and safety for pet food processors for many years. By replacing old-fashioned flexible connectors held in by hose clamps with the snap-in BFM® fitting flexible connector, pet food processors have been able to save product, protect their equipment and employees, all while installing and fast, tool-free & dust-tight flexible sleeve.

Another featured line to see in booth #133 is the MAGNATTACK™ Global sanitary magnetic separators. These magnetic separators are easy-clean or self-cleaning designs which feature the sanitary construction required of pet food processors. They harness 11,000+ gauss and premium designs for strong, efficient metal separation.

By understanding your processing goals and cleaning requirements, PSI staff will be able to assess the appropriate magnetic separator to suit your needs.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment at the show, please email us at [email protected] or call 877-236-3539. Contact us with questions!


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