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Magnetic Mats: Good for More Than Just Foot Traffic

Magnetic Mat Applications

Magnetic Mats: Good for More Than Just Foot Traffic

Collecting weakly charged magnetic fragments is a crucial sanitation concern in food, beverage, meat and many processing facilities. Tiny ferrous contaminants can be easily transported from workshops and construction sites into processing areas, putting product sanitation at risk. Positioning magnetic mats at the entrances to and exits from sensitive work areas can help remove fragments from the bottom of workers’ footwear. But magnetic mat usefulness is not just applicable to shoes and boots.

Magnetic mats are extremely durable, tough enough to withstand heavier weight. This durability enables employees to actually drive forklifts over magnet mats to remove metal fragments. Talk about tough!

However, to keep magnetic mats working optimally, here are a few notes about their proper use regarding forklifts.

  1. Forklifts should be driven over magnetic mats at a constant speed without starting or stopping the wheels upon the mat.
  1. When driving a forklift over a magnetic mat, operators should keep the wheels heading straight with no turning.
  1. Fork tynes should not be laid on the magnetic mat to avoid damaging the mat’s materials.

When used appropriately, a magnetic mat is an efficient way to contain ferrous materials and prevent workers from inadvertently moving metallic particles into production areas and offices with shoes or forklifts.