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How to: Clean Woven BFM fitting Connectors

how to clean woven bfm fitting connectors

How to: Clean Woven BFM fitting Connectors

In most cases, maintaining your BFM fitting products is purely a case of good housekeeping. The media used to manufacture fabric connectors and breather bags will naturally wear with usage over time, however good maintenance will give you the best possible life. Let’s review tips, tricks and recommendations for clean, long-lasting woven flexible connectors.

First of all, which sleeves are considered, “woven connectors”? The four types of woven connectors include LM3, LM4, Teflex, and breather bags. Woven connectors provide a breathable flexible connector, essential when processes require airflow, but also product containment.


woven bfm fitting connectors

Cleaning Your Woven BFM fitting

There are two methods for cleaning woven connectors that we can provide direction for; manual cleaning and CIP cleaning.


Agitate connector in bath of warm water, mild detergent and disinfectants. If contaminant is milk powder or protein based, soak overnight in 0.5% enzyme based detergent. Rinse with low pressure hose or fresh water bath. If sanitation is required, you may need to immerse in a sanitation solution. Drain BFM and air dry thoroughly.

BREATHER BAGS (FM1): Breather bags can be washed (as per above) but it is not recommended. The media has a dust release surface which helps keep it efficient and aids dust release and this will deteriorate making it less effective each time it is washed. It is best to either blow an air gun through (in reverse and not too close), use a vacuum or shake/brush any dust from the breather bag




BFM Global recommends that the BFM connectors are removed after CIP to clean any remaining chemicals, both inside and out. Also, check that the BFM spigots are cleaned of any chemical prior to snapping the clean connector back in place. BFM FITTING MUST BE THOROUGHLY DRY BEFORE REUSE to avoid powder sticking to the connector and building up


Although proper cleaning techniques are always encouraged, please remember that the BFM woven connectors and breather bags will lose some efficiency each time they are washed.

Care of Woven Connectors

You should not prod or push the connectors or breather bags with sharp objects. These fittings are designed to be removed and installed by hand, and the use of tools such as pliers and screwdrivers could easily damage them. If you have any difficulty removing smaller sized connectors, consider using the special BFM fitting TR (Tool Release) tool (refer to ‘Guidelines: Tool Release’ for more information).


To download this cleaning guide, click here. Please fill out the form if we can be of any assistance to you!


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