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BFM fitting on Powder Sifters

BFM fitting on Powder Sifters

BFM fitting on Powder Sifters

Powder sifters have various applications in the food, dairy, and infant formula industries. Whether it serves as a simple screener or is required for fine grading, sifters are an integral part of many powder processing systems. BFM fittings are a wonderful system to consider when looking to update your sifting system.

Without clamps, the opportunity for wear points and damage decreases, especially when considering a sifters movement. Where do sleeves get installed? BFM fittings can be used in many areas on the sifter, such as the inlets & outlets, used as overs containers, and installed as viewports/inspection windows.


Inlet & Outlet

As with many BFM fitting installations, sleeves can be installed at both the inlet and the outlet of powder sifters. The clear polyurethane allows for viewing product flow and the snap in/out design is easy to remove for maintenance and cleaning.

BFM fittings have been installed for years on sifters to assist with product containment. They also offer a glimpse inside the sifters efficiency. The movement of the sifter requires a flexible connection between both the feed hopper and the output to be flexible while still creating the desired tight fit.

BFM fittings on Powder Sifter Inlet

Overs Containers

Longer BFM fitting caps are useful on sifters to function as overs containers.  It may be beneficial for plant operators to be able to see and inspect overages coming off the sifter, and a clear sock like the BFM® fitting means you can easily monitor the contents.

Once a BFM® spigot is connected to your outlet, the overs container is simply snapped into place. You have a fully-sealed collection bin that is secure, fast and easy to empty.  It can also be lined with a plastic bag and snapped in place, making removal and disposal of the contents even cleaner.

Powder Sifter and BFM fitting Overs Container



Another BFM fitting design that eases sifter operation is BFM caps installed as viewports/inspection windows. Instead of inspection hatches or worse, covers that require operation to cease and tools to open, a transparent cap can be installed.

You can comfortably leave the BFM fitting cap in place during operations for most equipment. T3hey’re certainly ideal for use on sifters, and can be snapped in and out as required in an instant.

Sweco Sifter BFM fittings

Do you have sifting equipment that could benefit from an upgrade to BFM fitting flexible connectors?  You can increase safety, product containment, and provide easy changeover! Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you within one (1) business day.




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