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BFM fitting – Snap Fit Tips & Tricks

Snap-Fit BFM fittings

BFM fitting – Snap Fit Tips & Tricks

Sometimes the Seeflex cuff on the BFM® fitting connector ‘sticks’ to the inside of the spigot and needs to be released before it will fully snap-in. You may see it “stick” like this from time to time. To fix this, simply push in with your thumbs on the bottom of the connector at a point about 90 degrees away from the indentation. Continue to work your way around the connector at a 90 degree angle from the indentation until it snaps in.

Smaller connectors generally require fewer ‘pushes’ – larger connectors may take 3 or 4 attempts before the connector cuff snaps in fully.

Virtually every connector will snap-fit in correctly if this technique is used correctly.


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