Proactive Planning. It’s Just What the Powder Doctor Ordered

Factors in Choosing a BFM® Fitting Sleeve Material

Proactive Planning. It’s Just What the Powder Doctor Ordered

The holiday season is drawing near, even so, your company can’t afford downtime. One way to avoid costly downtime is to ensure enough spare parts are on hand.

Unfortunately, time is running out for you to make sure your BFM® fitting stock is adequate.

Each year BFM® Fitting, manufactured in New Zealand, closes for a month during the holiday season. This means it’s crucial to place your parts order through Powder-Solutions Inc. as soon as possible. Powder-Solutions Inc. has the largest inventory in the United States, but less common parts may see a delay in shipping if you wait too long.

The most critical BFM® fitting parts to order now are sleeves that are:

  • Sleeves larger than 12-inches in diameter
  • Sleeves longer than 8-inches in length
  • Sleeves with Teflon material
  • Any sleeves that utilize support rings
  • Sleeves that are tapered
  • Anything (standard or specialized) that your plant can’t function without

Proactive planning in the parts department will give you peace of mind now and a quick, easy remedy if an issue should arise later. Call 952-279-5449 to get your order in today.


The Powder Doctor

P.S. Any company that places an order over $1,500 will get a complimentary batch of gourmet brownies as a ‘thank you’ for its continued patronage to Powder-Solutions Inc.!