Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves

Powder Process-Solutions has been supplying rotary valves to the dairy industry for over 30 years. We specialize in supply of hygienic rotary valves from the world’s top manufacturers, sized and designed to meet your specific application parameters.

When recommending the right rotary valve for our customers’ systems, we take many factors into consideration including: customer and system performance needs, the type of product being processed, and industry regulatory and compliance requirements. For example, rotary valves are available in a variety of designs like drop-through and blow-through configurations, with various materials of construction and finish options. Drop-through valves are ideal for powder processors that need a more controlled product flow. Blow-through valves are very common in food, grain, pharmaceutical, and baking industries, as this valve works well with sticky materials.

Any brand of rotary valve and gear head drive motor can be paired together, direct or chain driven, with paint finishes to suit customer specifications. In addition, designs that meet USDA Sanitary Standards are available for high sanitary processing situations.

Why PPS for Rotary Valves?

A valid question while searching for a rotary valve supplier is, “Why?” In this case, “Why Choose PPS to Supply My Rotary Valve?”

Our sales engineers and technicians have real world on site experience setting up and servicing rotary valves to run in a vast variety of applications.  We know how to setup rotary airlocks to run in even the harshest conditions with the toughest of materials to convey.

Main reasons to choose PPS to supply your next rotary valve:
  • With a selection of valves from the world’s leading manufacturers we can offer the valve best suited to your priorities, be it price, quality, lead time, or performance
  • Competitive pricing, often below manufacturers’  list
  • Quality assurance, 49-point quality control inspection of each valve including test running prior to shipping
  • Inventory of OEM and aftermarket spare parts for all the rotary valves we sell
  • Custom fabricated accessories made to suit your exact needs, including vent hoppers, convey adapters and support stands, to name just a few


Preferred Rotary Valve Manufacturers

  • Nu-Con
  • DMN Westinghouse
  • Rota Val

Custom Rotary Valve Applications

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