Periodic sampling is important for monitoring product quality. Rigorous quality assurance programs often require detailed sampling regimens. The integrity of the sample must be maintained to provide a valid representation of the product being sampled, and minimizing the potential for sample contamination.

Powder Process-Solutions can provide a sampling system to match your requirements.


  • Vacuum draws product from the process, and conveys it to a receiving vessel (up to 20′ away)
  • Sample size is determined by the duration of the vacuum and frequency of “takes”
  • PLC/HMI allows programming of more complex sampling regimens
  • Well suited for batch or composite samples



  • A mini screw auger draws product from the product stream
  • Variable speed controller and gearmotor allows speed adjustment to control sample size
  • Suited for gravity chutes and hoppers, sampling powders and granules



  • An air cylinder extends a plunger into the product stream, and then retracts the plunger, trapping a fixed sample volume between plunger seals
  • Basic air solenoid control of plunger frequency and duration
  • Suited for gravity chutes and hoppers, sampling free-flowing powders, granules and flakes
Samplers for Bulk Powder Processing Plants
Bulk Powder Vacuum Sampler
Vacuum Sampler for Powder Processing