Dust Collection Powder Processing PlantAt Powder Process-Solutions, we have years of experience designing dust collection systems to maintain the sanitation, safety and efficiency of your production environment. Our systems are custom designed based on the proven formula of Capture, Convey and Collect the dust. We engineer a custom solution, not a catalog “cookie cutter” approach.

Capture – We will evaluate the source of the dust and operational requirements to engineer the best hood design to capture dust at the source. Minimum capture velocities are required to pull the dust out of the atmosphere and away from the operator.

Convey – Duct is properly sized and routed to maintain a minimum conveying velocity. Incorrectly designed ductwork can allow the dust to settle, robbing system performance and creating an unsafe condition. A suction fan is selected for the calculated CFM and static pressure.

Collect – Dust must be separated from the air stream using an appropriate dust separator (cyclone, bag house scrubber, etc.). Collected dust must also be discharged from the separator in a safe manner for recovery or disposal.

Our dust collection systems help process plants comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations by controlling in-plant and environmental pollution.