Magnet Separators

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Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators remove dangerous metal contaminants from powders in the food, dairy, and nutritional processing industries. Powder Process-Solutions specializes in supplying and integrating magnetic separators for your dry bulk powder processing system.

Through a wide variety of food grade and sanitary magnetic separator designs, PPS is able to properly outfit your level of sanitation, installation location, cleanability requirements, and design features required for success.

By considering characteristics particular to your system, we will help select a magnetic separator based on:

  • Flow characteristics
  • Cleanability
  • Product moisture content
  • Operating temperature
  • Design requirements

Grate Magnets

Grate magnets remove ferrous metal material from free-flowing powders and granular materials. Commonly seen in drawer-style housings, grate magnets can also be installed at the bottom of hoppers and closed chutes. Simple design and operation lead to superior protection from tramp metal.

  • High strength rare earth magnets
  • Food grade or sanitary magnet designs
  • Standard & custom sizes available
Grate Magnet

Rotary Magnets

PPS rotary magnets are designed to remove ferrous particles from powder flows that typically clog stationary grates. The rotary design moves powerful magnet rods through the powder stream, increasing the magnet to powder contact ratio. This slow rotation also prevents product from bridging and packing. Lumps and cohesive powders are broken apart.

  • High strength rare earth magnets
  • Demountable, tool-free design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Custom designed housings and process connections
  • Dust tight, sanitary construction (including USDA Dairy)
  • Every magnet rod is pull tested and documented

All Powder Process-Solution magnet separators and housings are designed for the flow characteristics of your powder.


Rotary Magnets

Inline Plate Magnet

The inline plate magnet features a stepped plate magnet design to efficiently capture and retain ferrous materials in a conveyed powder stream. The precision machined housing and one piece O-ring seal is designed for leak-free operation in pressure and vacuum systems up to 15 PSIG.



  • Demountable without tools
  • Magnetic protection without restricting powder flow
  • Available in 3”, 4”, 5”, and 6” designs, custom sizes available
  • 8,000 gauss plus rare earth magnet provides maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Single and dual magnet designs available

Inline plate magnet solutions are offered with single and dual plate magnet designs for redundant protection or increased separation performance in larger diameter line sizes.

Available in 3”, 4”, 5”, & 6” line sizes with plain tube, Tri-Clamp, BSM, flanged and custom end connections.

The plate is secured by multiple quick release nuts, allowing the plate to be swung away from the unit for easy access, cleaning, and inspection.



Inline Plate Magnet

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