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Rotary Magnet

Rotary Magnets

PPS rotary magnets are designed to remove ferrous particles from powder flows that typically clog stationary grates. The rotary design moves powerful magnet rods through the powder stream. This slow rotation also prevents product from bridging and packing. Lumps and cohesive powders are broken apart.

pps rotary magnet
Magnetic Details
  • Featuring Magnattack™ RE80™ or RE80™ HT ultra high energy magnet element options, greater than 11,000 gauss
  • Seal welded and vacuum encapsulated for extended magnet strength life
  • Withstands cleaning temperatures to 302°F — safe to hot water blast (HT models)
  • Every magnet is Gauss and pull tested and documented
rotary magnet underneath screwfeeder
Safety Features
  • Demountable, tool-free design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Custom designed housings and process connections
  • Dust tight, sanitary construction (including USDA Dairy)
Rotary Magnets

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