Whether you provide the construction personnel or we do, successful coordination of resources and time is the key to on-time installation. Our site supervisor provides a single point of responsibility and coordination. Our focus is the safe installation of your new equipment, with minimum interruption to your normal operations.


The commissioning process takes place once equipment is installed on-site. This ensures that your equipment operates correctly, and that the system does what we promised. Depending on the scope, both a mechanical and electrical engineer would be on-site during commissioning.

We employ a 3-Step Qualification Process:

  • Installation Qualification – Equipment installed correctly?
  • Operation Qualification – Equipment operating correctly? I/O checkout.
  • Performance Qualification – Equipment meeting design criteria?

All necessary documentation is provided, including “As-Built” documents, Installation Operation and Maintenance Manuals, and Spare Parts Lists.


The success of a system can come down to one critical element – training. We offer experienced equipment technicians to perform training during commissioning, prior to start-up, or following completion of a project.

Using classroom instruction and hands-on training, our staff can train and re-train the proper way to operate, maintain and troubleshoot equipment in a safe manner. Our technicians are knowledgeable on existing equipment, providing a broader knowledge of how and why equipment functions as it does in the complete process.

Performance Audits assure your component or system is operating correctly. Following an audit, we will send you a report of our observations, analyses, conclusions and recommendations. These audits also provide an opportunity for additional training of your staff.