Product quality is of utmost importance to any bulk powder processor, which is why maintaining periodic sampling to monitor that quality is also important. Quality assurance programs that are designed to monitor the upkeep of your product frequently involve intricate sampling practices. The integrity of the samples taken for these practices has to be maintained to provide a validated representation of the entirety of the product being sampled and in turn, improve plant efficiency and sanitation. Powder Process-Solutions can help provide the sampling practices you need to match requirements.



  • Suited for both batch and composite samples
  • PLC/HMI allows for programming of more complex sampling specimens
  • The size of samples is chosen by the duration of the vacuum and “take” frequency
  • The vacuum draws product from the process and transports it to a vessel for receiving



  • Mini screw augers draw product from the stream
  • Speeds can be varied via controller and gearmotor allows for speed adjustment to control size of sample
  • Well-suited for both hoppers and gravity chutes



  • Well-suited for gravity chutes and hoppers to sample free-flowing powders, flakes and granules
  • Air solenoid control of plunger duration and frequency
  • Air cylinder extends plunger into product stream and then retracts plunger to drag a fixed volume of the sample