Why PPS for Rotary Valves?

A valid question while searching for a rotary valve supplier is, “Why?” In this case, the question is “Why Choose PPS to Supply My Rotary Valve?” We feel like with our knowledge base and experience, we are the best option when looking to purchase, replace, or service your sanitary rotary valves.

A few main reasons to choose Powder Process-Solutions to supply your next rotary valve include:

  • Our sales engineers are experienced in applying rotary valves in real world applications; we supply sanitary powder processing systems as well
  • Selection of valves from the world’s best manufactures
  • Competitive pricing, often below manufactures list
  • Quality assurance, 49-point quality control inspection of each valve including test running prior to shipping
  • Inventory of OEM and aftermarket spare parts for all the rotary valves we sell
  • Custom fabricated accessories made to suit your exact needs, including vent hoppers, convey adapters and support stands, to name just a few.

Selecting a Rotary Valve

Selecting a rotary valve for a new system or for replacement of an old, worn-out valve can be a big undertaking. There are many makes and models to choose from.

Unfortunately, outside of manufactures websites and sales pitches, there is very limited information available to help you in your decision. So how do you decide which rotary valve will work best for your application? The answer is simple. Consult an expert and take the hassle out of your search.

The component engineers at PPS are sanitary rotary valve experts. Most manufacturer’s sales reps are bound to a single brand. Additionally, they often have limited or no hands on experience working with the valves they sell in real world production settings. PPS sales engineers, on the other hand, work with several of the top rotary valve manufacturers in the industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the many valve lines combined with hands-on experience working with valves and troubleshooting problems at plants all over the country, gives us authoritative knowledge to guide you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing your new rotary valve.

Focus on Quality

We know quality when we see it. PPS only sells rotary valves from the top manufactures who we know deliver quality equipment. We also know that even the most stringent quality control programs can miss flaws. That is why each valve we sell goes through our 49 point inspection where our expert technician’s double check rotor clearances, surface finish, weld quality, and proper assembly of parts. You can rest assured the sanitary rotary valve you receive from PPS will be assembled to the proper specifications and meet the demanding surface finish and quality requirements of the regulatory agencies. We guarantee any rotary valve we sell as USDA Dairy grade will pass a federal or state inspection.