Rotary Valve Manufacturers

At PPS, we integrate only premium rotary valve manufacturers designs of sanitary, efficient, and easy-clean rotary valves.

PPS sales engineers work with several of the top rotary valve manufacturers in the powder processing industry.  Our in-depth knowledge of the many valve lines combined with hands-on experience working with valves and troubleshooting problems at plants all over the country gives us the authoritative knowledge to guide you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing your new rotary valve.

Rota Val

Rota Val has over 45 years of experience in manufacturing Rotary Valves, Diverter Valves and special application valves.  Their high quality, economically-priced rotary valves have been carefully designed to meet the heightened demands of modern bulk handling systems.

Rota Val rotary valves have been manufactured in Wiltshire, the United Kingdom since 1970. Suitable industries include the dairy, food, general industry, mineral, plastics pharmaceutical, power and biomass to name a few. Their valves offer superior performance and proudly support a wide range of applications.

RotaVal HDMF Rotary Valve
RotaVal HDMF Rotary Valve

RotaVal HDMF Rotary Valve Vane Close Up
RotaVal HDMF Rotary Valve Vane Close-Up

DMN Westinghouse

The AL-AXL/BL-BXL line of sanitary grade rotary valves, produced by DMN Westinghouse, have been designed for use in the food, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries where very high standards apply. The Dairy valves USDA Dairy acceptance for use in dairy plants and are optionally available conforming to the EC 1935/2004 directive.

The construction of the valve is designed to avoid bacteriological contamination. All product contact surfaces are in food grade material and smoothly polished. Valves are optionally available with supporting slide rails for easy removal of the end cover and rotor without damaging the housing. Production of these sanitary rotary valves takes place in The Netherlands.

DMN MZC Rotary Valve With Slide Rails
DMN MZC Rotary Valve with Slide Rails

DMN Scale Divert Valve
DMN Scale Divert Valve

GEA Nu-Con

Previously known as Nu-Con, GEA Nu-Con is a top global provider of powder handling components, including rotary valves, that has been in business since 1966.  Manufacturing is based in Auckland New Zealand.

GEA Nu-Con rotary valves and rotary airlocks are designed to suit a diverse range of pneumatic conveying and product metering duties.  Rigid quality control and machining tolerances to suit specific products assure highest efficiency and years of trouble-free operation. A wide range of rotary valves are available for use in dairy, food, nutritional products, and other dry bulk materials.

GEA Nu Con DT (Drop Thru) Rotary Valve
GEA Nu-Con DT (Drop-Thru) Rotary Valve

GEA Nu Con Rotary Valve Vane
GEA Nu-Con Rotary Valve Vane