What is a Rotary Valve?

Rotary Valves for Pneumatic Conveying Systems from Powder Process Solutions, Inc.Commonly referred to as a rotary airlock valve or an airlock feeder, rotary valves are used to control the flow of powder through attached pipes. For the powder industry, not only are rotary valves important for controlling powder flow, they are also an important safety mechanism because they act as a flame barrier and process isolator in the event of an explosion.

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Rotary Valve Design

At Powder Process-Solutions, we supply rotary valves sized and designed to meet your product and equipment design parameters. Rotor, bearing and shaft seal designs are selected to best suit application requirements based on our extensive knowledge and experience with component and component integration.

When recommending the right rotary valve for our customers’ systems, we take many factors into consideration including: customer and system performance needs, the type of product being processed, and industry regulatory and compliance requirements. For example, rotary valves are available in a variety of designs like drop through and blow through configurations, with various materials of construction and finish options. Drop through valves are ideal for powder processors that need a more controlled product flow. Blow through valves are very common in food, grain, pharmaceutical and baking industries, as this valve works well with sticky materials.

Any brand of rotary valve and gear head drive motor can be paired together, direct or chain driven, with paint finishes to suit customer specifications. In addition, designs that meet USDA Sanitary Standards are available for high sanitary processing situations.

Rotary Valve Design: Material Options

  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel

Standard Rotary
Valve Applications

  • Outlet valves on hoppers
  • Silos
  • Cyclones
  • Filter receivers
  • Dust collectors
  • Engines

Rotary Valves from Powder Process-Solutions

Standard Rotary Valve

A standard rotary valve, also commonly referred to as a star valve or a rotary airlock, is used to control powder flow or feed powder while maintaining a pressure differential or a combination of the both when used in pneumatic conveying systems. A rotary valve is available in drop through and blow through configurations.

Rotor Support Rails

The rotor support rails are an operator-friendly design that offers unique features such as heavy duty, oversize bearings and deflection compensate for positive housing alignment during reassembly. This design is often fitted on demountable rotary valves to ensure that rotor-to-housing alignment is perfect after it’s been serviced. For applications that require frequent accessibility, rotor support rails are an excellent solution.

Rotor Detection Integration

A rotor detection design can be integrated in rotary valve systems to reduce the risk of metal contamination in powder as well as the expensive damage that metal fragments can cause to internal valve components. The detection capabilities of an rotor detection design system provide assurance that if an issues does arise, you’re able to take action immediately.

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