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Vibratory Sifter

How Does a Vibratory Sifter Work?

A vibratory sifter (also known as a vibrating screen) utilizes an imbalanced motor to shake the entire body of the machine, transferring this vibration to high tensioned screen cloth(s). It is designed to size or classify powder, often incorporating multiple screen decks. The intensity of the vibration is done by adjusting counter weights. Available with bouncing balls and sliding rings for screen de-blinding.

Perfect For Sensitive Powders

Vibratory sifters provide higher throughputs per square inch of screen than styles using circular sifting action. Gentle screening action is ideally suited for friable, agglomerated and instantized product where degradation is unacceptable.  Vibratory sifters are lighter than conventional designs and can be changed quickly without tools by one person in just a few minutes. Product contact surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning.

Vibratory Sifter Features:

  • Sanitary design meets USDA Dairy standards
  • Single and multideck models available
  • Screen areas range from 5.4 to 53.8 ft2
  • Screen openings 50 mesh or larger
  • Screen changed without tools or hoists
  • Extra large access ports simplifies routine inspection, maintenance & cleaning
  • Heavy duty, maintenance-free design
  • Energy efficient, low horsepower requirements
  • Extremely quiet operation

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