How Does a Powder Sifter Work?

Powder sifting, with various types of separating, sieving, classifying, scalping, de-lumping and screening can be provided in a system to separate bulk solid materials from powders. Through vibration, rotation, or gyration clumps, large particles and foreign materials can be removed from your product stream through a discharge spout, while sifted product continues on into the powder handling system. Batch or continuous operations are possible by utilizing gravity-fed and in-line pneumatic designs.

Expert Designs with Your Application in Mind

We offer various powder sifter designs to fit any application including centrifugal sifters, vibratory sifters, tumbler screens, and gyratory sifters. These designs are optimized for efficiency and maintenance of product quality across many types of powders and materials including process systems related to the dairy, food, pharmaceutical and nutritional products industries. Powder sifters meeting USDA and 3-A sanitary standards are available, along with demountable and easy to clean designs to meet higher sanitary standards and stricter cleaning schedules.

Powder sifter specifications are customized based on your system and material handled. Various materials of construction, finishes, and screen sizes are available to suit any application.

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