Inline Magnet for Powder Processing

Inline Bullet Magnet for Bulk Powder Processing
Inline Bullet Magnet Used During Powder Processing

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Inline Magnet

The Inline Magnet features an aerodynamic magnet design to allow powder to run over the interior magnet while trapping ferrous materials within the product stream. The fully precision welded housing is designed for leak-free operation, easy cleaning, and frequent inspection.

The access door of the inline magnet is equipped with swing out support providing easy removal of the magnet cartridge assembly. Food grade one-piece o-ring gasket provides for a dust-tight seal. Quick release clamps allow for easy access and inspection.

Stainless steel housing is built for foodgrade or sanitary applications, depending on application requirements.

Typical applications of the inline magnet include:

  • Railcar unloading transfer systems
  • Bulk truck transfer systems
  • Bulk bag feeding pneumatic transfer
  • Pressure or vacuum dilute phase conveying

Optional safety switch provides confirmation of door position prior to operation.


  • Demountable without tools
  • Magnetic protection without restricting product flow
  • Available in 2”-6” designs, custom sizes available
  • Rare earth magnet provides maximum cleaning efficiency
  • Ceramic magnet insert available
  • Rated for vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying systems

For a smaller magnet footprint at the point of installation (and over 10,000+ gauss), visit our new spherical pipeline magnets.

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