Magnet Separators for Powder Processing

PPS offers powerful magnetic separation equipment to capture ferrous materials from product lines and to ensure the safety of your final product. Based on application and powder characteristics, our engineers can recommend the appropriate magnet separators to accurately and properly separate magnetic particles from your powders and bulk processed materials. All magnets are pull tested and documented before they leave our facility, ensuring magnet strength and integrity.

Magnetic separators can be customized to fit your level of sanitation, application requirements, inlet and outlet variations, and the flow characteristics of your product.

Continue learning about our four types of magnet separators that we design into a system or integrate into an existing system:

Along with our standard magnet separators, we recently added the MAGNATTACK™ line that has superior design elements to provide the best product protection. Some notable features of MAGNATTACK™ items are their quick-clean or self-cleaning capabilities and sanitary design with proven magnetic separation proficiency. Don’t miss out on these magnetic separators that attack both small, ferrous materials and larger metal contaminants.