Vibratory dischargers (bin activators) are designed to provide an effective method of discharging powders from storage bins and hoppers. By isolating and vibrating a conical transition at the discharge of the storage bin, the product (not the hopper), discharges on a first-in/first-out mass flow basis.

Powder Process-Solutions will select and design the best method for reliable method for discharge of your product.

Features and Benefits:

  • Wide range of sizes available
  • Internal baffles promote continuous flow of dry materials
  • One piece flexible main sleeve isolates the vibration to the conical discharge
  • Heavy duty hanger arms with rubber isolators to support lower cone
  • Vibratory motor with adjustable weights to control vibration force
  • Several materials of construction and surface finishes
  • Designed and sized to suit your application
Vibratory Discharger
Vibratory Discharger In Powder Processing Plant