Diverter Valve for Powder ProcessingOur diverter valves provide methods of directing product from a single inlet to multiple outlets, or from multiple inlets to a single outlet. Designs are for gravity flow or pneumatic conveying pressure. Where applicable, we offer both manual designs, which keep costs low and are appropriate for systems with less need for product changeover, and automatic designs, which feature a panel with automatic diverter valve necessary in large plants or in situations with recurring product changeover.

Our product lines include rotary tube selector valves, y-type divert valves, scale divert valves, and gravity divert valves. Material construction of the component is dependent on plant requirements, and USDA Dairy Acceptance components are available along with those that meet 3A sanitary standards where applicable.

Depending on the location and the application of interest, our engineers can help design and install the appropriate diverter valve to successfully keep your product line flowing.