The metering of powders is sometimes done mechanically with conveying equipment. PPS conveyors are able to process a variety of powders while transferring them efficiently and safely. Each of our designs offer flexibility to custom fit your conveyor for your newly designed system or to integrate to an existing process. We offer a wide range of conveying equipment, focusing on vibrating tube conveyors, screw conveyors and screw feeders to properly transport your materials.

Various materials and surface finishes are available to suit your application requirements. Demountable designs are also available where applicable, with USDA Dairy Acceptance and models meeting 3A Sanitary Standard 81-100.

Conveyors for Powder Processing PlantConveyors for Bulk Powder Processing

Types of Conveyors

Powder Process-Solutions offers several types of powder conveyors to fit a variety of conveying needs. Our key conveyor products are below; however, we also offer customized conveying options to suit unique application requirements.

Vibrating Tube Conveyors

These are designed for conveying fragile agglomerated, instantized and standard powders. These conveyors are completely enclosed for dust-free production. Learn more about vibrating tube conveyors.

Screw Conveyors

Perfect for both incline transfer of powder over short distances and horizontal transfer over long distances, these conveyors use either shafted or shaftless helixes rotating inside of a trough or tube. Learn more about screw conveyors.

Screw Feeders

When the controlled rate of product discharge is important to your process, screw feeders are a great choice. Learn more about screw conveyors.

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