Demountable Butterfly Valves

Demountable butterfly valves cater to the process that requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. It is designed to be fully disassembled for cleaning and maintenance procedures without the use of tools, allowing for a quick removal of the split housing, blade, rubber seat and shaft seals from the actuator and clamp assembly. PPS will provide demountable butterfly valves that are suitable for use in sanitary applications that require frequent access, while facilitating contamination-free product changeovers.

We partner with leading butterfly valve manufacturers to assure competitive pricing and response service to offer the best product with the longest valve life possible. By choosing from the options below, we are able to customize the butterfly valve to suit your needs.

Options Include:
Stainless steel and cast iron constructions
Wafer and lug style
Specialized finished and coatings
Several valve seal elastomers
Inflatable valve seals
Pneumatic and electric actuators
Modulating actuators
Indicating beacons with position sensors
Butterfly Valve for Bulk Powder ProcessingButterfly Valve for Use in Powder Processing Industry