Dehumidifiers and aftercoolers are utilized in process air and pneumatic conveying systems to control both the moisture level and temperature of air that comes into contact with moisture and heat sensitive products. At Powder Process-Solutions, we are committed to providing you the optimal, customized equipment for your specific process.

Dehumidifiers use chilled water or refrigerant heat exchange coils to lower the incoming air temperature below the dew point at appropriate face velocities. This allows for the separation of moisture from the air stream followed by the draining of condensate from the housing. Dehumidifiers can incorporate a reheat coil or use heat of compression when located on the intake side of a pressure blower to lower the process air relative humidity for increased moisture carrying capacity.

Aftercoolers use heat exchange coils to remove the heat generated by a pressure blower prior to product contact.

Our superior housing design allows for access to heat exchange coils for inspection and can be arranged in inline or stacked configurations where installation space is limited.

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