Positive displacement blower packages are provided as a component or as an integral part of a PPS provided system. For over 30 years, we have been providing pressure and vacuum blower packages to the food processing industry.

The blower package, be it a pressure or vacuum system, dilute-phase or dense phase, provides the motive air for delivery of food products through convey lines. Our Process Engineers are able to design for all compatible applications and provide you with an appropriately sized package for optimum efficiency and performance.

Features and Benefits:

  • -14″ Hg to 16 PSIG capacity PD blower packages
  • High vacuum blowers (regen, dry vane, oil lubricated, liquid cooled)
  • Packages available using a variety of top brand blower and motor manufacturers
  • Base units provided with integral noise silencers, check valves and relief valving
  • 1.5 safety factor on belt drive train design
  • Heavy duty support frames and drive guarding
  • Steel-It or White epoxy finishes. (Customer preferred colors available)
  • Optional pressure/vacuum transmitters, switches, polycarbonate windows in guard, timing belt drive components, explosion proof electronics, etc.
  • Acoustical enclosures available
  • Available in compact, stackable, and modular assemblies
  • Screw compressors available for high volume, high pressure dense phase systems

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Positive Displacement Blower Package

Blower Package for Powder Processing Industry

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