Bulk Powder Processing Equipment/ProductsA process system is only as reliable as the individual components. PPS specializes in customized bulk powder processing components to integrate and enhance an existing or anticipated processing system. Our experienced engineers design components based on the process application parameters by looking at product and equipment requirements and specifications.

Precise integration of new components is extremely important, and that’s where our expertise becomes essential. Improper sizing and placement can result in a malfunctioning or non-functioning system, requiring unnecessary maintenance and possibly a delayed start-up. Our engineers accurately design and fit components for easy changeover and integration, limiting the amount of down-time necessary.

Quality control is also a very important element of components. Therefore prior to shipment, all of our components undergo rigorous quality control checks to ensure the product you receive is manufactured to the highest standards while meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

All of our components are available in a variety of designs, materials and finishes with unique and customized features to meet your precise industry standards.

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