Volumetric feeding systems transport powder by use of a volumetric metering device that runs at a constant speed to then discharge the powder at a constant volumetric rate. Accuracy is contingent on the consistent bulk density of the powder and the ability to fill the device. Other components may be involved that ensure the bulk density of the material is in optimal condition to maintain a consistent product flow. Typical accuracies are +/- 1 to 2%.

Volumetric Feeding Systems may include:

  • Rotary feeders and airlocks
  • Screw feeders with single or multiple augers

We offer a wide variety of customized volumetric feeder designs to fit your exact application.


Gravimetric feeding systems are feeders used in conjunction with weighing systems to discharge the powder at a controlled weight per unit time. A scale control system is utilized to constantly monitor the feed rate, adjusting the speed to achieve the desired rate. Typical accuracies are +/- .25 to .5%.

Gravimetric Feeding Systems may include:

  • Weigh hoppers
  • Load cells
  • Platform scales

Systems are optimized and customized to meet customer and plant requirements.