There are many different options for the mixing and blending of powders, Powder Process-Solutions will select the appropriate mixer design suitable to your specific powder and process requirements. We have installed many types of blenders, including:

  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Continuous Blenders
  • Twin Rotor Blenders
  • Pneumatic Blenders

Our knowledge and experience with leading blender manufacturers insures you get high throughputs, superior homogeneity, and rigorous sanitation standards. If testing is required, we will arrange and attend the test trials to ensure your requirements are met.

When designing a blending system, the finished blend can never be better than the ingredients going into the mixer. At Powder Process-Solutions, we will:

  • Establish a reasonable timeline for delivery of ingredients to the mixer and discharge of the blend fro the mixer
  • Select feeding equipment to support the timeline, while maintaining accuracy
  • Select blending technologies and blender size to achieve homogeneity within the timeline parameters
  • Evaluate product degradation, heat build-up, sanitation, and other potential concerns