Nitrogen Gassing SystemNitrogen Gassing is the process of removing oxygen (either pre- or post-filling) from a retail food container and injecting it with inert gas, CO2 or N2.

The benefits of pre- or post-gassing are both the preservation of the food product properties while overall improving the shelf-life of the product at hand. Products that can benefit from Nitrogen Gassing include:

  • Whole Milk Powder
  • Baby Formula
  • Nutritional Powders
  • Other Powder & Granular Products

Final pack oxygen levels range from 0.5% to 2%.

Another benefit of Gassing Systems is the lower packing equipment capital cost, reduced machinery and floor space required, and the reduced environmental control.

Powder Process-Solutions offers versatile gassing systems. Whether a pre-gassing or post-gassing system will be the most suitable technology for your system, PPS will design the system to increase the integrity of your product.

Gassing System solutions can be included in bulk bag filling and consumer can filling line powder processing systems.

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Nitrogen Gassing Systems

Nitrogen Gassing System